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Aisha who was bought up by foster carers, shares her experiences to encourage those thinking of fostering to make the first step.

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My name is Aisha I’m 25, married with a beautiful baby, who I love spending time with and hate being apart from. When the time permits I transform into my shopaholic alter ego as I love shopping but ultimately spending time with all my family is paramount.

Looking back over my time in care I think the most challenging part was I did not know who would be taking care of me and where I would be staying. I had fears and doubts of situations such as if I would get along with the carers or any other child that was within the household and likewise would my carers understand me and accept me.

In the early stages I had numerous moves from placement to placement. I was always apprehensive when the time came for me to move from one placement to another. The number of moves made me mistrusting and wary of making friends and leaving those that I had already made attachments to behind. Entering a new environment is difficult for most people but for me it always churned up strong emotions and it is difficult to try to explain the feelings of moving into a new setting and wondering how long I would be there. Uncertainty breeds fears and anxieties.

After all my moves and previous experiences my final placement exceeded my expectation due to my history and it became a very positive one. I think once I had settled in and had learnt to trust my carers I was comforted by knowing that my foster carers were down to earth, loving and understanding. They worked very hard to make me feel welcome and break down the barriers I had in place. I was reluctant to let anyone get close to me as I never knew if the relationship would last so I tended to keep people at arm’s length which is not good in a positive home environment. I was eventually able to relax and had as much support as I needed. They were always there when ever I needed advice, information or guidance on all different aspects of life. I am comforted by knowing that even now at 25 I can still get a sense of family life from them resulting that they were not just foster carers but have been and still are there as my parents.

I see in them what I hope all foster carers can offer such as honesty, respect, love, compassion, caring, understanding, knowing that no matter what problems you may face having them there to guide you and give support can and will help you to become strong in yourself giving you self-respect and belief in your own ability.

Good foster cares are those that can be there for a child no matter what challenges they face, giving love to children with or without disabilities, from different walks of life, ethnicity or religion, helping that child to achieve to the best of their ability whether physically, mentally or emotionally. My final carers gave me the knowledge and confidence to provide for my own child that was born prematurely and I know that I want to retain my relationship and have more children that they too can watch grow in a loving environment.

To all prospective carers please have a big heart and make any child that comes into your care feel loved, safe, protected and given the chance to grow and explore their own personality for themselves.

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