ECPAT UK and Missing People have published a report on the number of trafficked and unaccompanied children going missing from care.

Key findings from data collected from 217 local authorities across the UK includes:

  • Of the 590 children suspected or identified as trafficked, 28% (167) went missing at least once, from 39 UK local authorities.
  • Of the 4,744 unaccompanied children, 13% (593) went missing at least once, from 74 local authorities.

Recommendations for improving support for unaccompanied and trafficked children and preventing them from going missing include: Build a culture of trust by ensuring all of their encounters with agencies and services are supportive, Provide peer support and explain next steps clearly.

Source: ECPAT  Date: 15 November 2016

For further information please see the ECAPT Website

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