Preparing to foster guide

Great, so you’re thinking of fostering, but what happens next?

We’re thrilled to hear that you’re considering becoming a foster carer, Fosterline will support you throughout this process. We have produced a guide to help ensure that you are prepared for your initial assessment to foster.

Fostering services assessment process
All fostering services have a very stringent and complex procedure in place to assess the suitability of a person to become a foster carer. The assessment process itself is in two stages but fostering services will undertake an initial screening before entering the assessment and approval of foster carers in line with the Children Act 1989 volume 4.

Due to the very nature of the fostering assessment (often referred to as a `Form F` assessment) it is lengthy and can be quite intrusive. The expectation is that this assessment would take between six to eight months to complete but we hope this guide will help you to understand what you can put in place before the assessment begins. We hope this will help fostering services in their screening process and support you to prepare for the assessment to come.

The guide provides a checklist of the types of things to consider and to discuss with your family so that you are prepared for your initial assessment to foster.

 To download the guide, click here.

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