Having access to easily downloadable resources is extremely useful in order to keep your children interested in activities. Twinkl is a resource used by many schools and children will be used to the images and topics suggested.  You can now use this app free of charge.  There are many useful resources.  Take a look – there are lots of FREE resources with a huge amount of down loadable materials.

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It’s essential that children get regular exercise and as much fresh air as possible.  Regular outdoor play is a good way for children to let of energy as well as have fun.  If outdoor space is an issue, there are lots of children’s keep fit You Tube programs to follow, such as P.E with Joe.

There are 13 Zoos that have live stream – children will be able to see animals at the zoo from home.  They could write a story about what the giraffe eats and what a tiger looks like!

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National Trust – FREE access to all large gardens for all – The National Trust have kindly opened their larger gardens to the general public to encourage people to get some fresh air and explore the countryside.

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Computers and iPad can be a good tool to add variety a child’s day, but should only be used for a limited time.  We’ve collected some ideas that could help distract your children from their electronics devices.

A Daily journal could become a good habit for children to get into.  They can start to write a daily account of activity, thoughts and feelings at a regular time each day.


We’ve collected some easy ‘make your own’ recipes for paint, play dough, slime and other fun, ‘arty’ ideas.




We’ve provided some lovely colouring sheets to help show you and your foster families support for the NHS! Take you pic below!

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