TV star from The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) Debbie Douglas is also a foster carer and fostering ambassador for the Department for Education. Debbie has been fostering for over two decades and shares her thoughts on how to survive being a foster carer. Debbie said:

“The 10 things I’ve learnt about surviving being a foster carer are:

1. Warmth and kindness always shines through. Smile. Because those who don’t smile back need it the most.

2. Every single child that comes into your home will be scared. (wouldn’t you be ! ) their fear will empty out in a million different ways.

3. No matter what journey they have travelled they will always love their family. Home is home.

4. Never go to bed on a your darkest moments tomorrow is another day.

5. Words are cheap actions are powerful. Show them you love them unconditionally ……. the simplest of gestures speak thousands of words.

6. There are always reasons for behaviours. It is about you finding them.

7. You will be many things…. a carer….a nurse….a friend ……a coach….. a teacher …..a therapist…..a night whisperer. Be prepared to wear many hats.

8. Educate yourself beyond every comfort zone you can imagine because to wear all these hats education is powerful.

9. Never judge…never think you hold the answers. Sometimes there aren’t any. It’s called acceptance.

10. Love truly conquers all.”

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