Western Gazette

27 May 2016

The digital world has become a valuable resource, but it can also be a dangerous place. Learning everything you can about grooming, including what it means and how to stop it, can help you find the best way to protect your children and help make their world a safer place.

Signs of grooming for parents to watch out for:

  • Being secretive about who they are talking to and where they are going
  • Sudden changes in their appearance and wearing more revealing clothes
  • Becoming emotionally volatile
  • Using sexual language that you wouldn’t expect them to know
  • Engaging less with their usual friends
  • Appearing controlled by their phone, and sudden, excessive messaging
  • A lowering of their personal boundaries.
  • Be very secretive, including about what they are doing online or on their phone
  • Talking about friends they’ve never met.
  • Plans to meet online friends in person.

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