The Fosterline annual report covers the period from 1 May 2019 – 30 April 2020 and reflects the impact that Fosterline, delivered by FosterTalk on behalf of the department of Education has had upon users of the service.

The report takes into account information received from both prospective and current foster carers with consideration to the following:

  • Measurement against agreed KPI’s
  • Call statistics
  • Information recorded on database
  • Demographics supplied by enquirers
  • Analysis of issues identified by enquirers
  • Analysis of the visitors to the website
  • Service user feedback via web-forms
  • Survey of prospective foster carers who took the fostering criteria questionnaire on the Fosterline website
  • Mystery shop

In producing this report FosterTalk has sought to establish the effect Fosterline has on encouraging prospective foster carers to complete the assessment and approval process, and to analyse the issues raised by current foster carers in order to inform and influence future policy.


Fosterline advisors are available to provide a listening ear, offer support and information to carers and prospective carers. Many service users revisit Fosterline throughout their fostering career. All callers are given the opportunity to leave feedback on their experience of using Fosterline and over 95% tell us they would use the service again and would recommend it to a friend. The average ratings score out of 15 given by users of the service across 2019/20 was 14

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families Minister Vicky Ford has recently commented on the Fosterline service:


“The support Fosterline provides has enabled foster carers to continue to provide much needed support to vulnerable children within their care. I acknowledge this has been particularly important during the Covid 19 pandemic as many foster families have faced significant challenges during this year.


It is vital that we continue to support foster families both during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, to keep them together and enable them to continue to provide safety and stability for vulnerable children.


I am humbled by the way foster families have responded to the challenges of Covid-19 – their unrelenting commitment, passion and dedication has been inspirational. I am also grateful for the support that has been given by local services.”

FosterTalk will continue to develop the Fosterline service responding to the needs of carers and prospective carers with the aim of supporting a stable and resilient foster carer workforce that benefits the vulnerable children and young people within our care.

Sharon Thompson – Fosterline Co-ordinator


Read the full report here.