The Fosterline annual report covers the period from 1st May 2020 to 30th April 2021 and reflects the impact that Fosterline has had upon users of the service.

The Fosterline service continued throughout the pandemic with advisors working from home. The advisors dealt with a high volume of Covid-19 related enquiries from foster carers during this time and experienced a surge in interest in fostering that will be reflected in the report.

The report is based on information received from both prospective and current foster carers with consideration to the following:

  • Measurement against agreed KPI’s
  • Call statistics
  • Information recorded on database
  • Demographics supplied by enquirers
  • Analysis of issues identified by enquirers
  • Analysis of the visitors to the website
  • Service user feedback via web-forms
  • Survey of prospective foster carers who took the fostering criteria questionnaire on the Fosterline website.
  • Feedback from users of Fosterline who completed the annual survey.
  • Fosterline users feedback from those who completed a questionnaire following their engagement with Fosterline.

In producing this report FosterTalk has sought to establish the effect Fosterline has on encouraging prospective foster carers to complete the assessment and approval process, and to analyse the issues raised by current foster carers in order to inform and influence future policy.

Data will be provided on: –

  • Number of service users
  • Their role in fostering
  • Key issues raised
  • The impact of advice given by Fosterline
  • Where the service might be improved

Fosterline has been accessed via the Freephone helpline, website, email, live chat and web-form and social media on over 153,000 occasions in the reporting period, May 2020 to April 2021.

Sharon Thompson – Fosterline Co-ordinator


Read the full report here.