A question we are often asked is ‘can I take my child on my family holiday?’ The good news is bringing the child you care for on holidays is not only allowed, but is often encouraged. Holidays can help give children and young people new opportunities and experiences.

As long as you get the relevant permission and think about the practicalities you and the child or young person you look after can make incredible memories. If you are unsure what permissions are needed and what practicalities to think about one of our trusted advisers can help.

Here’s our top five tips to ensure a smooth and fun holiday for all the family:

Holidaying in the UK

Going abroad can be fun, but it might not be the best plan for your first trip with the child you care for – especially if it’s their first holiday! To start with, consider a holiday in the UK; there are plenty of incredible places to discover.

Choose a child friendly destination

When taking a child on holiday choose a place with plenty to offer children and young people. This could be a theme park, water park, kids club activities or family-friendly beach. This will help you make memories together and everyone can have fun.

Book roomy accommodation

It’s a good idea to book accommodation for a holiday with your child with a some extra or flexible space. This provides them with somewhere they can take themselves off to if things get a little overwhelming.

Keep children involved

Make an effort to keep the child you care for involved in plans and activities. You can ask them to get involved in decision making or if they seem shy, you can get them to stay involved by taking photos and involving them in decision making.

You can also ask them if there’s anything special they want to do while you’re on the trip. You may need to give them some ideas; whether that’s getting ice cream, buying a souvenir, sightseeing or swimming in the sea.

Allow time to rest and enjoy

Finally, make sure there is time for everyone to relax!

On your first holiday with the child you look after don’t cram every day full of activities. Instead, allow a rest day or two.  This can help prevent children being overstimulated and overwhelmed, leading to anxiety or meltdowns. Give yourself some time to enjoy the surroundings and rest.

A rest day means you can all recover from all the fun you’ve had.

If you are taking a child you care for in your first family holiday together this summer you can get more information from our Fosterline advisers by emailing enquiries@fosterline.info or call us on 0800 040 7675.