Scottish government to assist English councils placing children north of border§

  The Scottish Government plans to make it easier for English and Welsh councils to transfer vulnerable children in their care to facilities north of the border. Holyrood said the current system for placing children with deprivation of liberty orders in Scotland was “unsustainable and does not serve the best interests of children and young […]

Children and young people’s open access hubs for mental health needs

The Children’s Society has published a briefing on open access hubs which are designed to offer easy-to-access, drop in support on a self-referral basis for children and young people with emotional health and well-being needs, up to age of 25. Read the news story here > Read the briefing here > […]

Ofsted Social Care Online Surveys 2019

Ofsted has issued its annual point-in-time online surveys giving children and young people, parents, staff, social workers and other professionals an opportunity to comment on a range of service providers including children’s homes, adoption agencies, adoption support agencies, fostering services and residential family centres. The surveys are sent to social care providers who send out […]

Survey of the Mental Health of Looked After Children: Consultation

NHS Digital is preparing to undertake a survey of the mental health of children looked after by local authorities in England, as well as those who have recently ceased to be looked after. The last survey on the Mental Health of Children Looked After (MHCLA) was conducted in 2002 and NHS Digital has issued a […]

Unexplained Pupil Exits from Schools Report: Consultation

The Education Policy Institute (EPI) is seeking feedback on how it analysed pupil mobility data and defined ‘explained’ and ‘unexplained’ moves in its recent report on the problem of unexplained pupil exits from schools. An open consultation asks for suggested changes or additions to the analysis in the working paper, alternative explanations for school moves […]

Cafcass Care Order Applications: March 2019 & 2018-19 Totals

Cafcass (the Children and Family Child Advisory and Support Service) has published its latest statistics on care order applications. In March 2019, Cafcass received a total of 1,117 new care applications, which is a 9.9% decrease on those received in March 2018. The annual summary figures show that between April 2018 and March 2019 Cafcass […]

Charity receives £4m gift for legal rights advice

Hundreds more families and young people are set to benefit from a £4m boost to a charity’s rights advice service, after Coram received the largest single gift in its near 300-year history. The donation made by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) will be used to fund an endowment, enabling the charity to scale up its […]

Children’s social care

The National Audit Office (NAO) has published a report setting out recent trends in pressures on children’s social care demand and activity in England and the response of both national and local government to these pressures. Findings include: there was a 26% increase between 2010/11 and 2017/18 in the number of children who were the […]

Looked after children: statistics briefing

The NSPCC has published a briefing looking the range of data and statistics available in the UK that relate to children in local authority care. Statistics show that: in 2016/17 there were approximately 96,000 looked after children in the UK; and the total number of looked after children in the UK has increased every year […]

Protecting children from abuse by someone in a position of trust or authority

The NSPCC has published information about protecting children from abuse by someone in a position of trust or authority. This includes teachers, care workers, youth justice workers, social workers and doctors. Topics covered include: recognising abuse; responding to concerns; and steps that can be taken to prevent staff and volunteers from abusing their position. The […]