Connect B4 Correct, an evidence based approach to therapeutic fostering: Helping Children and young people move beyond trauma
A U Choose 2 Foster conference, supported by Succeed Partnership with Key Note Speaker – Sarah Naish
Conference Overview
With the advances in neuroscience and the understanding of the development of the brain we have achieved a greater knowledge of the impact of early adverse childhood experiences on children and young people in the care system.
This conference draws from these new exciting progressions – exploring how this new knowledge can improve fostering practices through more robust trauma-informed assessments, pre-approval training, supervision and providing foster parents with high levels of therapeutic parenting support and training. Embedding these new ideas can then achieve even better outcomes that are clear and evidence based.
Attendance at this conference is relevant to anyone who as in interest in the impact of trauma on children and young people, those working in the field of fostering services, or anyone interested in becoming a foster parent, social workers from across the profession, commissioners and therapists would benefit from joining in and reflecting on the learning of these exciting and cutting edge ideas.
CPD – 5hrs – certificate provided

Conference Outline
9 – 9.30 register/logon
9.30 – Welcome by Danni Starley – Succeed Partnership Group Operations Director, Therapeutic Parent, Adopter
9.30 – Children and young people in care – the current context. Introduction on statistics and evidence of the children and young people who are coming into the care system – and the outcomes still are concerning – Harvey Gallagher (NAFP)
10 – The knowledge and evidence that must inform the care system – Brain development and trauma – – Dr Lesley Hanney – Consultant Systemic Psychotherapist, Therapeutic Parent, Adopter
11 – coffee
11.15 – Modernising foster care – respecting the evidence – Shifting the treatment to the healing power of safe reflective relationships – seeing foster parents as professional healers- assessments and support package to shift from caring to parenting therapeutically – repeat repeat repeat – Catherine Lockett – Social worker and Director at Catherine Lockett Fostering Services
11.45 – The body keeps the score – Healing the senses – weaving in sensory activities – on understanding how memories are stored in the senses/the body keeps the score – Karen Al Khina – Occupational Therapist – Sensory Attachment
12.15 – 1pm Lunch
12.45 – mindfulness session
1pm – Key Note Speaker –Therapeutic Parenting (natural consequences and holding the boundaries) moving from the behaviour models – Sarah Naish – Author, Therapeutic Parent, Adopter
2.15 – Coffee break
2.30 – Sarah Naish continues
3.30 –Self Care isn’t selfish – the importance of being able to be reflective/mindful and self care for everyone – the evidence and what is important – Jill Hanney, Trauma Informed therapist, Therapeutic Foster Parent
4pm – Q&A panel – an opportunity to put your questions to our expert panel of speakers.
4.30 pm – close

  • East England, East Midlands, London, North East, North West, South East, South West, West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber
  • 28/05/2021
  • online
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