On Friday 17 June, it was announced that foster carer allowances at Oldham Council are to be uplifted above the National Recommended Fostering Allowance for all carers by 4%. 

The announcement, which took place at a foster carer celebration event ran by Oldham Council, also confirmed that mileage rates for foster carers are being increased to 45p per mile, there will be a £250 one-off payment issued to each fostering household and there is also a commitment to reviewing Skills Payments and a further review of allowances in light of the continued increase in the cost living in Autumn 2022.

Cllr Eddie Moores, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: “I’m proud that we can make these changes to help foster carers in light of the cost of living crisis. Not only are we making sure all of our carers are at the National Minimum Standard, but we’re also increasing all rates by 4% so we can help support the vital work they do.

“It’s a hard time for many people right now with costs going up and in many cases wages not matching that increase. We highly value our foster carers at Oldham Council so being able to support them as best we can is our priority.


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