On May 13th the Department for Education has published an information resource for front line staff to use with family and friends carers.

When a child is unable to remain with their birth parents, under the Children Act 1989 it is recommended that where it is consistent with the child’s welfare they should cared for by their families and friends.  In April 2011 the Government introduced Family and Friends Care: Statutory Guidance for Local Authorities which sets out a framework for the provision of support to family and friends carers.

 The advice leaflet published on the 13th May describes the support that may be available to family and friends carers. It is intended to help those family members or friends access services in their local area and national helplines.

Children and Families Minister Edward Timpson said:

‘Growing up in a loving, nurturing and stimulating environment helps children develop into happy and healthy adults. Where the immediate family is unable to provide that support, family and friends carers can make a huge contribution and give children the best possible chance to fulfil their potential.’  ‘This leaflet is intended to help frontline staff help family and friends carers, making it easier for them to find support at an often difficult time in their lives.’



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