Thursday 19th June will see the advice line opening up between 10 pm and midnight for the first time.

Fosterline will support the Lorraine Pascale programme “Fostering and Me” screened earlier on 19th June BBC2 at 9 pm by opening the confidential advice lines for two hours after the programme has finished. Fosterline will also be added to the BBC Action Line where viewers can access advice and support, associated with issues broadcast in their programmes such as fostering.

It has been reported that a child enters the care system every 22 minutes and Fosterline’s aim is to support and empower those already fostering or anyone contemplating entering the role or going through the assessment process.

Lorraine is probably best known as a chef and TV presenter but the ex-model and bestselling author wishes to throw the spotlight on to fostering as she believes that fostering saved her life. Lorraine believes a lot of the day to day hard work and dedication associated with fostering is treated as the Cinderella of the care system and wishes to encourage more people not only to enter the assessment process but even just to consider fostering as an option. Fosterline is here to help people to decide whether it is the right option for them and their families by providing independent support from dedicated, experienced trained advisors many of whom have experienced the role personally.

In this one-hour documentary, Lorraine explores the world of fostering and provides an insider’s guide to foster care. As well as telling her own personal story and examining the impact of fostering on her life, Lorraine will also gain extraordinary access to the fostering process at a London local authority. Meeting with the social workers, care teams, children and young people currently being fostered, Lorraine will find out what it takes to be a foster carer, and what the children think of the system and care they receive.

Given up at birth, adopted at 18 months old and then fostered aged eight when her family broke down, she really has been through the system. Recounting her childhood experience of being in care, Lorraine tracks down the foster carers who looked after her as a child, who she hasn’t seen for over 30 years.

If you have questions about the process or wish to discuss your options, our advisors will be online to help. Whether you are thinking about fostering or want to discuss your current fostering dilemmas, please utilise your free online fostering advice service.

Steven Stockley

Fosterline Co-ordinator.

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