Fosterline began the New Year by introducing evening sessions every second Wednesday of each month. We recognised the need to be able to provide advice when foster carers need it. During the busy activities of the day some foster carers are unable to access the invaluable support and advice offered by our online advisors due to their commitments to the children they provide care for. With school runs and mealtimes many foster carers simply don’t get the time to discuss issues regarding their role during the day, especially if the children are within earshot.

With our lines open between 7pm and 9pm we will be able to give the option to foster carers to call our advisors and discuss the issues. We have experienced that talking to foster carers and prospective foster carers that often the enquiry is led off in different directions once the issues are unpicked, despite our website giving clear information callers will seek alternative advice from our advisors as the subject is discussed.

If our initial success continues and the need for more frequent evenings is required Fosterline will respond to demand and include more evening sessions.

Fosterline is your advice service, to be accessed when you need it most.

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