Fostering services in England can now advertise their foster carer recruitment events on Fosterline’s new national recruitment noticeboard.

The national shortage of foster carers is well documented and recruiting the right people into fostering can be very costly and time consuming.

Over the past year Fosterline has spoken to 68,500 people in England alone. With a focus on providing advice, information and support, 18% of these enquiries came from prospective foster carers.

That’s a potential 12,300 people actively looking to become a foster carer every year through Fosterline.

In some recent feedback, a prospective foster carer commended the service received through Fosterline; “I called as I am enquiring about becoming a foster carer and had a few queries, I spoke to an advisor, who was a very lovely person to speak to and very helpful. He made me feel at ease about the few things I was worried may prevent me becoming a foster carer, and helped with the best way to enquire and possibly become a foster carer.”

In 2015 more than 13,500 individuals used the “find a fostering service” mapping tool to search for fostering services that were local to them. With the introduction of the new foster carer recruitment noticeboard, fostering services can now also reach the prospective foster carers who use the service every year.

Fosterline is a free service, delivered by FosterTalk and supported by the Department of Education (DfE) until May 2018. All revenue generated from the new noticeboard goes to the Fosterline foundation, which has been established to ensure the long term sustainability of Fosterline as a free to access resource for foster carers and prospective foster carers in England.

Fostering services are invited to take advantage of the introductory offer[1] and advertise their recruitment events on the online noticeboard for £50 per advert, per month which can be targeted by location.

If you would like to find out more about Fosterline’s recruitment noticeboard, please click here or contact steve@fostertalk.org


[1] *£50 includes VAT. The introductory offer will be held until 1st January 2017. Adverts run for one month and can be reloaded on consecutive months.

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