Previous job:

I started my social work career as a Fostering Supervising Social Worker and later worked as a Fostering Team Manager.  I have worked within several independent fostering providers before working for services that specialised in Therapeutic Fostering. Prior to my social work career, I volunteered in local youth centre, undertook some support work in Children’s Residential homes and later volunteered for a local Domestic Abuse Charity.  Before my pursuit to become a social worker, I worked for many years in Customer Service contact centres’, my last role in this sector was working for a well-known tyre manufacturer as a Customer Service Team Leader.


What attracted you to FosterLine:

I was drawn to apply for the Fosterline advisor role as I am passionate about fostering and know what a positive impact a loving, understanding, supportive family can have on a young person’s life.  I gain a great deal of job satisfaction talking to prospective foster carers who are passionate and eager to know more about fostering and hope that my advice will inspire them to want to progress further. In general, I enjoy helping people, my aim is to ensure all foster carers accessing the service, feel supported and empowered.  My hope is that the advice and guidance they receive enables them to continue to care for, advocate and work towards best outcomes for the children that they look after.


Favourite pet:

I love most animals, but my favourite are cats! I have a cat called Wilma she is a character and lovely company.


Favourite food: I enjoy most foods from around the world, but my favourite is ‘Thai’.


Dislikes: I’m not a huge fan of slugs and snails, I know everything has a place on this earth, but I would prefer it if I never had to encounter them whilst undertaking my gardening tasks!


Strange fact about yourself: I don’t know if this is a strange fact, but I took up gardening during covid (at the amazement of all my family and friends).  I seem to have developed the skill of being able to grow an abundance of salad and vegetables which is amazing as I struggle to keep a house plant alive!